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Autonomous IT Use Cases

ThreeFold Tech Use Case Classic IT

Classic IT Workloads

Compute, Storage & Networking

ThreeFold Tech Use Case Blockchain Workload

Blockchain Workloads

Secure, Secure, and Sustainable Blockchain Workloads

ThreeFold Tech Use Case Distributed Storage

Distributed Storage

Most efficient, cost-effective, large-scale archive solution which operates like a blockchain without the downsides.

ThreeFold Tech Use Case Decentralized Apps

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized alternatives to digital apps, social networks, and services.

ThreeFold Tech Use Case Edge Workloads

Edge Workloads

Future and current workloads at the edge of networks: 5G, IOT, and more.

ThreeFold Tech Use Case High Security Workloads

High Security IT Workloads

Digital Currencies, Digital Wallets, Desktop, and Banking workloads

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