We are a technology development company that is passionate about making a meaningful IMPACT on humanity and our planet.

Over the years we have developed a disruptive stack of technology which can be used individually or combined. When combined, it makes possible access to a raw internet capacity that is, by design, responsible and democratized, protecting individual privacy, neutrality, and security, whilst being inclusive to all of humanity.


We are a motivated group of people who mean well and are passionate about creating a universal shift in digital ethics by embedding responsibility in the design, core values and code. We have a credible track-record having successfully grown multiple tech companies before that resulted in numerous successful exits including; Sun Microsystems, Oracle, HSTG, Verizon, and others.


Engaging world citizens

Coding world citizens


Proof of technology

TFTech’s Technology is already being used in the field. In parternership with the ThreeFold Foundation, our technology is empowering a New responsible Internet offering a fully decentralized and distributed grid of compute and storage capacity intended to ecable better privacy, neutrality and cost efficiency for the internet of tomorrow.

ThreeFold Foundation and its farmers already have over ten times more internet capacity up and running as all other blockchain “cloud” companies combined.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The plan is to establish HPE as the main hardware choice for farmers. In addition HPE wants to offer services for their customers and partners around application development and customization using the TF Grid. Integration of ThreeFold in their multi cloud portal called HPE OneSphere is the ultimate goal for both parties.
Migrate Solidaridad’s IT infrastructure and application landscape from their current mainstream provider (Amazon) to ThreeFold capacity owned and deployed by Solidaridad sponsors and donors
ThreeFold Foundation
ThreeFold Foundation is TF Tech's primairy use case at this time. Using our software components to build a repsonsible internet for all leveraging blockchain technology. ThreeFold Foundation is currently an underdog in the field of blockchain powered internet projects, but has well over 10 times the capacity in the field than all other projects combined
Green Edge Cloud
GreenEdge Cloud is a globally acting ThreeFold farmer. Their business model is to attract investors to build out their multi country farm.
Safe City
When it comes to safety time is of the essence. Safe City uses TF Tech components for networking, storage and processing cctv footage at the edge.
Jimber security broker keeps all security risks in the contained environment. We achieve a level of security far beyond the possibilities of today. Powered by TF Tech
National Bullion House
NBH has chosen TF Tech as their partner to create 2 types of new tokens: Gold Token and Euro Token. These projects are in exploration phase and more on the projects will be communicated further down de line
5G Telecommunication technology helping ThreeFold Tech scale to serve the last mile in connectivity.
A 60 PetaByte net archiving farm in the former Swiss Supercomputing close to Lugano,Switzerland. Owned by Mr.Tarchini and GIG Europe. The main focus of Bancadati will be the sales of archiving capacity using the S3(simple storage service)protocol



Zero People

Storage and computing with self healing capabilities allows our technology to exists everywhere. Minimize the need to human intervention and understanding (lowering TCO).


Achieve maximum performance from IT infrastructure by making everything extremely simple. Distibuted Zero Robots wih a single core function and nothing more than that one core function.

Blockchain Dilemma: Solved

Our zero-robot technology has allowed us to resolve what we deem to be the Blockchain Dilemma. The architectural shortcoming of blockchain allows either scalability or security but we have achieved both with our zero-chain technology that allows both scalabilitye and security.

Scalability & Security

Zero Robots managing operational and financial transactions on the grid peer-to-peer with a stateless operating system create an infinitely scalable platform. Thanks to OS capacity nodes (Zero OS enabled) and Zero Robot managing the activities.


Zero OS

Our lightweight stateless Operating System. Designed to be very efficient in making hardware available on peer to peer networks for actual IT workloads.

Zero Chain

Our (permissioned) Proof Of Stake Blockchain (PoS). A versatile blockchain technology implemented on the TF Grid to manage all financial transactions and authoritative identity information (Zero Chain) for all Zero Bots. The Zero Bots use a different, private implementation of this PoS blockchain to store all state information of all tasks they are managing. There will literally be millions of blockchains running on the TF Grid.

Zero Robot

A Zero Bot is a virtual worker on the TF Grid. The worker can be given a different knowledge-base to perform a variety of tasks. The Bot lives on the network and takes care of all the system administration tasks on and for the grid. Zero Robots also acts as a digital avatar for all grid farmers and consumers.




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